Sandy Minardi

Sandy Minardi, like many people, took a personality test once upon a time. The test confirmed what she knew all along – she loves people and loves to network and help people connect. Sandy is an author, speaker and the Founder and Executive Director of The Many Faces of Love, which is a women’s ministry, providing women the opportunity to connect with one another, but more importantly connect on a deeper level with our Lord Jesus Christ. She authored the event workbooks “Celebrate Your Story” and “Will The Real You Please Stand Up” and released her first book, “Unmasking the Many Faces of Love”, November of 2017. A second book, which is an anthology of women’s stories is already in the works. Prior to launching The Many Faces of Love Inc. as a full-time ministry, Sandy worked for Congressman Jim Bridenstine in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Before her work in the Congressional Office, she had 30 years of business experience in sales, marketing, advertising and event planning, earning numerous awards throughout her career. Sandy serves on the John 3:16 Mission board and is an active member of the Christian Motorcycle Association, with her husband, Joe. She is a licensed minister. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism Advertising from the University of Oklahoma. Sandy currently resides in the Grand Lake area of Northeast Oklahoma.