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A gift set featuring the book “Unmasking The Many Faces of Love” by Sandy Minardi, plus the Many Faces of Love Journal to write your own story.



“Unmasking The Many Faces of Love” Book: When you release the ugliness of your past, it loses its power and control over you. A deep healing can begin. Admittedly, revisiting the past can be devastating but, in God’s unfathomable love and grace and mercy, you don’t have to go back there, except to show other women how to move beyond today and look toward tomorrow, which is full of hope, love, promise, and redemption. In the end, you will be able to be used for a higher purpose, God’s calling on your life. As you speak about victories in your life, you will recognize the Master’s hand upon your journey and  proceed with joy, confidence and assurance of God’s plan for your life. “The Many Faces of Love” Journal: This paperback journal is filled with biblical scriptures on the turn of every page. Use this journal for writing notes, thoughts, prayers or hopefully as inspiration to write your own story. There is power in the written word. The Many Faces of Love founder and author, Sandy Minardi, believes as you write and share your story, your testimony, you will be freed from challenges in your past and move more intentionally into your Kingdom purpose, ordained by Jesus Christ.

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